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The Center for Public Integrity is an online news organization specializing in investigative journalism. Reporters in the Center's nonprofit newsroom cover a variety of topics, including politics, the environment and national security.

Chris joined The Center for Public Integrity in September 2012 as a member of the nonprofit news organization's "Consider the Source" team. 

He reported about judicial ethics issues for a year and a half before becoming the lead reporter for the Center's "Misinformation Industry" project, which investigates industries' efforts to influence policy by misleading the public.

In April 2015, Chris appeared on C-SPAN to discuss an investigative series he co-reported with colleague Erin Quinn about food additives. 

Chris co-wrote the script for this animated video explaining how food companies can add ingredients to food without even telling the FDA.

A 'black box'

Meet the secretive trade group regulating the safety of flavors

Food additive safety

Why the FDA has no idea what's in your food

'Hired guns'

Food safety scientists conflicted, boast ties to Big Tobacco

Kochs invest in happiness/well-being

New Koch bros PR initiative aims to put a happy face on free-market policies

Look who's Teaching

Corporations sponsor business-friendly conference on public pension reform as judges prepare to hear pension cases in court  

Calorie Control Council?

Meet the front group defending the artificial sweetener industry

Judicial Junkets

Corporations, pro-business nonprofits foot bill for judicial seminars

Justice Obscured

Secret court judge attended expenses-paid terrorism seminar

Guilty Plea

Federal appellate judges rule on two-dozen cases despite having financial interest in parties

Judicial Junkets

Secret court judge attended terrorism seminar

Judicial Junkets

Federal judges sometimes ignore t​rip disclosure rules

2012 Election

Right-wing groups attempt to dislodge justices in Florida, Iowa

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