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As a reporter for Pittsburgh City Paper, Chris covered everything from political shenanigans inside City Hall to a peculiar story about a Pittsburgh Steeler-themed doll that drew the ire of artist Shepard Fairey. This page, which links to each of his cover stories, provides a sampling of Chris’ work during his five years at the alt-weekly …

Puzzling Choices

How did Westinghouse HS fail in such grand fashion?

School of Hard Knocks

Violence plagues academy for at-risk students.


Dougherty’s email reveals existence of faculty discrimination complaints.

Failing Grade

Once the foundation of ed reform, accelerated schools may be closed by city 

PURE Motives?

Is education activist group's pressure helping Pittsburgh schools, or working to tear down its administration?

Learning Curve

A school for troubled students is making progress, but officials say it may still need improvement.

Slush Funds

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl uses campaign cash to fund trips to Paris and the Super Bowl.

Fixed Fight

City plays hardball in battle with Citizen Police Review Board.


On city authorities, mayor can knock down opposition wherever it pops up.

Bench Strength

Magisterial judges serve on the front lines of the justice system 

Old Foes

Longtime political enemies Payne and Whealey fight dirty for District 19 seat

Labor Pains

When two unions fight, is anyone looking out for the workers?

Mounting Tensions

Friction with police was rising before G-20 Summit

Crossing a Thin Blue Line

Cyclist at heart of unusual Pittsburgh police dispute.

No-Hazard Pay

Despite being placed on paid administrative leave, Miles cops earn overtime pay.

Chief Concerns

Accountability issues strain Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper's bond with black community. How much more can it bend before it breaks?

Criminal Invention

Police get warrants, raid store before knowing if a crime was even committed 

Differing Opinions

Experts paint different pictures about what happened the night teen was beaten

Fine Mess

Storeowner calls $200K penalty for building-code violation excessive; judge says it fits the crime.

Over the Board

Beltzhoover residents say neighborhood council not transparent. Anger surfaces at community meeting.

Fiery Response

Hill District residents are burning mad at the proposed CBA sent to them by the city and the county.

Live Free or Die

Could an easier process of involuntary commitment have saved the life of a man killed by police? Man describes the struggle to commit his friend.

Card Games

Highmark’s gift card offers the gift of health ... and a crafty Pittsburgh City Paper reporter quickly found a way to screw up the company's laudable mission. 

Double or Nothing?

Rates of child bipolar disorder are spiraling -- and Pittsburgh-area researchers are trying to figure out why.

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