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Chris is experienced in audio and video storytelling, as well as digital and social media. At inewsource, Chris writes scripts and produces stories for radio and TV. This page includes some of his multimedia work.


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In many cities, street musicians are a part of the cityscape. Here in Washington, D.C., buskers perform all over the city, morning, noon and night. This video features three different buskers -- a violinist, a singer and a guitarist -- who frequently perform on local street corners for passing pedestrians.

For the last 18 years, a group of D.C. roller-hockey players have spent their weekend mornings playing hockey just strides away from the White House. The weekly hockey games are now part of the White House tour experience. "It's a sign of freedom" that you can play hockey right in front of the President's house, one tourist says. "You cannot do this in front of the Kremlin."

A group of activists traveled by bus from Baltimore, Md., to Washington, D.C., today to urge lawmakers to cut defense spending and focus more on funding domestic programs. Protesters taking part in the "Prosperity Not Austerity" bus tour expressed concerns that Congress spends too much money on wars abroad and too little on education and health care at home.

Tim Miller is a stand-up comedian who performs at clubs all around the Washington, D.C. region. He also co-hosts a podcast, "Three Guys On," with two other local comics. Here's Tim's story ...

Today marked the first Sunday masses since Pope Benedict announced he would resign at the end of February. Catholics in D.C. say they were surprised by the move, but they respect the pope's decision.

(Photo by Lynh Bui)

In the spring of 2013, Chris served as the managing editor for a multimedia project exploring young veterans' transition from military service to civilian life. Chris led a team of 17 student journalists as they spent an entire semester reporting on a wide range of stories using text, audio, video and even two surveys. In May, the website earned a featured spot on the homepage of WAMU, Washington, D.C.'s NPR member station

G-20 Summit

In 2009, Pittsburgh hosted the high-profile G-20 Summit. As part of City Paper's coverage of the event, Chris ventured into the field with a video camera in hand. Here is some of the raw footage he shot as demonstrators took to the streets to protest the Summit. 

In this video, protesters clash with riot police after demonstrators start throwing rocks at officers blocking a Pittsburgh street.

Protesters begin their march through Pittsburgh's East End streets. Then they confront riot police and the infamous, ear-splitting LRAD.

An activist wearing a bloody seal costume writhes on the ground to the sweet sounds of the LRAD. 

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